Lead Software Engineer Job Summary

We are seeking a highly-skilled, experienced Software Engineer to join our growing development team. You will analyze the needs of our product and design, develop, and deploy new features and solutions. You will lead the development team and be a key member in establishing it by placing the infrastructure for a team culture, quality work and devOps BKM.

Lead Software Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

Develop a new software product from the ground up, while working closely with company stakeholders
Create fault-tolerant programming and a thorough QC process
Expand existing software to meet the changing needs of key customers
Create scalable, automated solutions to save time and resources and/or increase profitability
Write tests for both existing and created code to ensure compatibility and stability.

Lead Software Engineer Requirements and Qualifications

CS, EE graduate or a related degree
5+ years of software development or programming experience
Extensive experience of NodeJS, React, Py, Django 
In-depth understanding of infrastructure solutions 
Working knowledge of CSS